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A simple life?

If things in life were simple I guess life would be dull. Sometimes I can't help but wonder what things would be like if I could say what I wanted to say when I wanted to say it without worrying about what may happen because of it.

I want to tell you everything that is on my mind, I want you to know what I am really feeling, yet I am afraid that you will reject me like I have done to you in the past. Karma is sneaking up behind me, about to tap me on the shoulder and teach me a lesson or two. I know I deserve it though.

I am finally realizing that the things in life that I am striving for are the things that I had once and foolishly let go of. Can you ever recapture any aspect of the past? Is it wise? Can a part of your past become the key to your future? Silly questions to ask because I know that only time will answer them. So, i will wait and hope that I am making the right decisions in the meantime.

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