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growth and closure

We will never be the kids we once were. Actually, we were young adults, but nonetheless we will never be those two people again. We had something that we both thought was magic and special. We connected like we had never connected with anyone else and will never in that same innocent way again.

I miss those days, but I know I can never have them back. If I could have done things differently I probably wouldn't (well except for the pain that I had caused you). My relationship (or lack there of) with you is something that has impacted my life in a completely unbelieveable life changing way.

I know you can't see it, and you most likely don't want to know and would never even bother to wonder, but you are the one who has made it possible for me to live and prosper and grow.

I owe you a lot; I appreciate your (previously strong, but occasionally there and continuously lingering) presence in my life. I wish I could express this to you, but communication with you doesn't seem to be a strong point of mine even after all these years.

Whether I am learning from the past, living in the moment, or thinking about the future the experiences we've had and lessons that I have learned from you will continue to guide me and maybe (or maybe not) one day they will lead me back around to you again. (Either way, its okay.)

Avatar roquelaure
11-17-07 05:46
A bird in the hand
For a second there, I thought I had written this.

Good luck isn't the correct expression, but I wish you well.
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